Wix Email Marketing 2021 The Hidden Gem

Wix Email Marketing 2021 The Undiscovered Treasure

Wix Email Marketing: What You Must Know

Wix's email marketing service (formerly known as Wix Shoutout) was launched a few years ago with the aim of being a quick, easy-to-use add-on to any Wix website.

The email marketing tool, which is now part of Wix's Ascend kit, which also includes live chat, invoices, video, and lead capture, is designed to make Wix users' lives easier. Wix contacts (such as store customers and contact form submissions) are automatically funnelled into Ascend (which serves as a CRM), allowing you to send email campaigns to these contacts in only a few clicks. You can also include store items and blog posts from your Wix website in your newsletters automatically.

Isn't it fantastic? We thought so, too, which is why we wanted to give it a shot. And we discovered some stuff we really liked, as well as some areas where we believe more work is needed. 

So, here's a rundown of the 12 most important things to know about Wix email marketing.
We hope this information aids you in deciding if it is right for you! 

Table of Contents

  1. Why would I use Wix's Ascend?
  2. Wix offers a free email marketing plan.
  3. Pricing for Wix Ascend
  4. How easy is it to use Wix email marketing?
  5. Templates for emails
  6. Control of a list
  7. Automated email
  8. Making a report
  9. Forms on Wix
  10. Deliverability of Wix emails
  11. What else does Ascend have to offer?
  12. Mailchimp vs. Wix email marketing
  13. Wix email marketing final thoughts

1. Why would I use Wix's Ascend?

Here are the main reasons why we think Wix's email marketing tool is a good choice:

  • You have a Wix site, an online shop, or a blog.
  • You want a newsletter service that integrates easily with your website and can deliver newsletters, updates, and deals to your site's members/customers.
  • You adore Wix's elegant, user-friendly website templates and want something similar for your newsletters.
  • Basic reporting is all that is needed (email opens, clicks, unsubscribes, etc.)
  • You don't want to spend too much (or even nothing!)
  • You want to take advantage of the other functions.
  • Ascend provides services such as live chat and a video producer.
  • Every month, you just want to run a few campaigns. 

The most important thing to remember about Wix email marketing is that its capabilities are limited. You won't find any sophisticated automation or deep-level reporting here (at least not yet). As a result, if you're a larger company that needs these features, it's just not for you. Instead, we suggest that you take a look at some of the more specialized newsletter services available here. 

2. Wix offers a free email marketing plan? 

There is, indeed! When you sign up for Wix Ascend, you'll get a free plan that comes pre-installed. It allows you to send up to 5,000 emails a month and 3 Wix-branded email campaigns. It's not a lot of money, but if you have a limited mailing list and just send out a few newsletters every month, it'll suffice. If you need more features, you can upgrade to one of their Premium plans at any time.

Reality!, nothing is ever absolutely free – Wix branding can appear in your emails. It's also worth noting that there are other services that provide free plans, so if you're dead set on using one, it's worth looking into them as well. Wix branding will appear in emails sent on the free plan.

Basic Plan     
Professional Plan
Unlimited Plan
No. of campaigns per month 5
No. of emails per month
50,000 1,000,000
contacts 10,000 25,000 200,000
Remove Wix ads in email? No Yes Yes
Forms 10 forms with
unlimited fields
20 forms with
unlimited fields
Unlimited forms
& features
Automations Up to 7 (max 2 actions) Up to 20
(max 10 actions)
(max 10 actions)
Videos 5 per month 10 per month 15 per month
Recurring payment
plan collection
Personalized Chatbox     Yes
Yes Yes
Social media 5 posts p/month 20 posts p/month UNLIMITED
Monthly plan $12/month $59/month $59/month
Yearly Plan
$10/month $24/month $49/month

More information about Ascend's pricing can be found here (you must be logged in to see it).
It's worth noting that if you pay for two years in advance, you'll save 25%, and both plans have a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Despite the fact that Wix increased their rates when they changed their name from Wix Shoutout to Ascend, you'll find their pricing to be very affordable when compared to other providers. Personalization, their video producer, and social media sharing all contributed to the price rise, but we believe it still has a long way to go to compete with more comprehensive email marketing services. 

 4. How easy is it to use Wix email marketing?

If you're familiar with Wix, you'll have no trouble getting around Ascend because it's controlled from the same main menu as your website. The newsletter editor can be found under ‘Marketing & SEO' > ‘Email Marketing.'

The main menu is a little different if you're not a Wix user, but it's still easy to use. It's one of the advantages of using such a basic, pared-down tool – with just a few menu choices to choose from, getting where you need to go is a breeze.

Wix Email Marketing

With all of your text and picture editing done inline, the email editor looks a lot like Wix's web editor. Sections, such as pictures, buttons, and columns, can be inserted by dragging and dropping them into place using the ‘Add' icon on the left.

wix email editor

Wix has always prided itself on usability, and with their email editor, they've outdone themselves once again.

5. What is the quality of Wix's templates?

Wix is known for their beautiful website designs, but you might be disappointed if you expect the same from their email templates. Yes, the templates they do have are clean and modern, as well as mobile-friendly. However, there aren't many to choose from (around 16, according to our last count) – in fact, there are fewer now than there were a few years ago.


The customizable templates, on the other hand, are very simple to edit, with patterns, backgrounds, colors, and layouts all changeable. Overall, it wasn't too bad. Hopefully, they will continue to add to their template library.

The following templates are available:

  • Updates on the blog
  • Announcements of sales
  • Products/collection additions (Ascend integrates with your store products, so you can easily insert them into your emails)
  • Discounts, discounts, and special deals are all available.
  • Invitations to events and promotions
  • Newsletters are a great way to stay in touch

6. What about managing your to-do list?

It's easy to add contacts. By uploading a CSV file or linking your Gmail account, you can bulk import contacts. Manually adding contacts is also possible, so it's similar to most other tools.  

The integration of Wix email marketing and your Wix site is a big benefit of using Wix email marketing for your Wix site.In reality, the contacts module on your site and Ascend will be the same (Wix Contacts). This ensures that all sign-ups for contact forms and ecommerce customers are kept in the same place.

Furthermore, each contact will be labelled with an automatically assigned label indicating where they came from (for example, "Contacted me" or "Customer").

wix email marketing contact list

This allows you to do some other cool stuff, including send welcome emails to new sign-ups, promote your most recent blog post to subscribers, and send exclusive offers to your customers. If you want to categorise your contacts even more, you can allocate your own labels (and several labels) to them. One of the automation workflows can also be used to automate this.

Unfortunately, there is no other way to group contacts than to use labels, so segmentation is a very easy process.

You can add custom fields to your list, but they're pretty simple – you just have text, number, date, and URL field types to choose from. Instead, Wix Forms is a better option for managing data.

7. Is Wix capable of email automation?

Yes, at a Basic Plan. If you have a Wix site, you can set up autoresponders using the ‘Automated emails' feature. For example, when someone signs up for your site or makes a purchase.

Automated emails-Wix

You may also decide when the email should be sent (for example, one day after the contact has completed the action), as well as whether it should be sent only once or multiple times.

If you're serious about automating your email marketing, there are better options out there for you than Wix's automated emails.

8. Do they have some kind of reporting?

It's always just the bare necessities. Basic statistics such as total emails sent, opens, clicks, and total emails undelivered are given for each email send. You'll also be able to see who pressed, opened, and so on.


It's all presented in a clear visual rundown that's simple to follow. This level of reporting should suffice if you're not disturbed by the lack of more advanced reports (such as click heat maps or geolocation).

9. Do Wix's types have a lot of flexibility?

You'll be encouraged to use the Wix Forms app, which offers a lot of versatility and also integrates with your Ascend contacts.


There are a few fields available, but the more advanced ones (file upload and signature field) are only available to those on a paid plan. To filter spam, you can also use reCAPTCHA.

10. Wix email deliverability & conversion tracking?

Based on the few deliverability tests we conducted, we were pleasantly surprised by Wix's deliverability. We were able to use our own domain email address as the sender address even on the free plan, and deliverability was about 87 percent (which isn't poor compared to other resources we've tested!).

However, since we tested with a small list, we can't guarantee that you'd get the same result with larger lists. We also suggest that you authenticate your domain.

Wix email marketing would use its own authenticated email domain (e.g. yourname@wixsite.com) rather than email subdomains (e.g. yourname@subdomain.domain.com) or emails from public domains like Gmail or Yahoo as the sender. 

11. What else does Ascend by Wix have to offer?

  • Languages: The editor supports all of the same languages as the Wix website editor, for a total of 19 languages.
  • You'll have access to Ascend's knowledge base and be able to request tickets online whether you're on the affordable, Basic, Professional, or Unlimited plan (although this feature is a little hidden, and they can be a little slow to answer).
    VIP Service, which provides phone and priority support, is available to Unlimited plan customers.

    Hard bounces and rejected emails are immediately added to the ‘Bounced' category of ‘Contacts,' preventing these contacts from receiving future emails.
  • Personalized chatbox: All plans provide the ability to integrate live chat into your website and control chats from your phone.

    Social media: From your Ascend dashboard, you can build and share social media content.
    There are far more templates to choose from in this section than in the email marketing section.On Wix, these can also be planned ahead of time.

    This is a video creator that will assist you in creating videos for social media and YouTube.
    Since it is easy, you can have some fun with it. 
  • Accept payments: You can accept payments through chat and forms, which greatly simplifies the process.
    It's also possible to set up monthly payments and get invoices sent out automatically.

    Automations: The email marketing automations are easy, but you'll also have access to other CRM-based workflows to save time. 

 12. Wix email marketing vs. Mailchimp: What's the difference?

We thought you'd be curious to see how Wix email marketing compares to other common newsletter tools like MailChimp. However, we're not sure we can equate the two. MailChimp is a full-featured email marketing platform, while Wix only offers a subset of what MailChimp offers. There are no bonuses for guessing who the winner is!

It's probably more useful to compare the features available in each service to get a sense of how comprehensive MailChimp is in comparison to Wix, and if Ascend by Wix, which includes email marketing, will satisfy all of your needs.

Drag and drop editor Yes Yes
Responsive templates
Plain text emails No Yes
Personalization Yes Yes
A/B testing No Yes
List management Yes (basic – labels only) Yes (advanced segmentation)
Double opt-in No Yes
Email automation Yes (basic autoresponders,
only with Wix site)
Landing pages   
No (but you can build these
with Wix’s website builder)
Registration forms Yes, via Wix Forms Yes
Reports Yes (basic) Yes (advanced)
Use your own email domain address Yes Yes
Spam and design testing No Design only
Bounce management Yes Yes
Social media integration Yes Yes


Wix Email Marketing FAQ's

Does Wix have email marketing?

Wix Email Marketing is absolutely free to use. However, you'll have to look elsewhere if you use a different website builder or CMS. You can take advantage of a number of Wix useful features without having to buy a Premium Plan. Over the course of three campaigns or mailings per month, you will send a total of 5,000 individual emails.

What email marketing works with Wix?

Wix is more of a do-it-yourself website builder. It also provides a one-stop shop for all of your business marketing needs, with email marketing being only one of the many services available. Wix Email Marketing's free plan includes three email promotions for a total of 5,000 recipients. You can split the sending cap between three people or send a single big email blast. Regardless of when you sent your first newsletter, your email quota and sending cap are reset on the first of the month. 

Does Wix provide free email? or How much does Wix charge for emails?

Wix prices usually range from $13 to $500 per month. The $13 Combo plan can be used to create nearly any kind of general website. The $23 Business Basic plan includes all you need to start almost any kind of online store. The $17 Unlimited plan is designed for high-traffic sites, while the $27 Business Unlimited plan is designed for high-traffic eCommerce sites. The Wix Ascend plan costs $10 a month and is designed for advanced business websites and email marketing. The $500 plan is only for large corporations, so it might not be appropriate for most individuals (this is because they need personalized quick support & complete online end to end solutions). 

Wix Ascend Plans For Email Marketing

Ascend Basic:

  • Remove Ascend Branding in Ascend Basic
  • Lead Capture Forms (50)
  • Chat Hours Scheduled
  • Customer Information in Real Time
  • 10 Forms That Can Be Customized (Unlimited Number of Fields)
  • Forms of Payment
  • Downloads of files
  • Monthly, 5 Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Notice that this plan does not allow you to connect the URL of your email campaign to your domain.
  • 9500 emails sent every month
  • 7 Automation Rules, each with up to 2 follow-up acts
  • Sync with Gmail and Facebook Messenger for 5 social post campaigns every month   

Ascend Professional:

  • 5 contributors are required.
  • Remove the Ascend logo.
  • Lead Capture Forms (150)
  • Chat Hours Scheduled
  • Customer Information in Real Time
  • Automated Chat
  • 20 Forms That Can Be Customized (Unlimited Number of Fields)
  • Forms of Payment
  • Downloads of files
  • 50,000 emails a month 20 email marketing campaigns per month 20 automation rules of up to 10 follow-up actions per automation
  • Sync with Gmail and Facebook Messenger for 20 social post campaigns every month

Ascend Unlimited:

  • Contributors are unrestricted
  • Remove the Ascend logo
  • Countless Lead Capture Type
  • Chat Hours Scheduled
  • Customer Information in Real Time
  • Automated Chat
  • Forms that can be customised indefinitely (Unlimited Number of Fields)
  • Forms of Payment
  • Downloads of files
  • Email Marketing Campaigns have No Limits
  • Unlimited Automation Rules for up to 10 follow-up activities per automation 1,000,000 emails per month
  • Social Posting Campaigns with No Limits
  • VIP Support and Sync with Gmail and Facebook Messenger   

Is GoDaddy better than Wix?

Wix vs GoDaddy is a fight between two excellent, low-cost website builders.

Wix is the more versatile choice. It gives you more creative freedom, more features, and more options for getting assistance. GoDaddy, on the other hand, is a much faster option. It takes care of a lot of the legwork for you, so you can get a website up and running in minutes – no joke!

Advantages and Drawbacks of GoDaddy

Wix Advantages
  • Its drag-and-drop editor gives you almost complete creative power.
  • According to our user testing, the ‘most recommended' website builder is
  • There are over 500 models to choose from, covering a wide variety of industries.
  • There is a free plan available.

Wix Drawbacks
  • You won't be able to change templates until your site is online.
  • Starter plan with a higher price tag (but no ads)

Advantages and Drawbacks 

Advantages of GoDaddy

  • In just a few minutes, you will get a website up and running.
  • Built-in SEO tools that work well
  • The ideal solution for those who aren't particularly imaginative.
  • Ad-free plan for a low price (monthly fee of $9.99)

Drawbacks of GoDaddy

  • Designs are constraining, but if you're a creative person, you'll find it frustrating.
  • There is no app store to add extra features.

Wix Email Marketing Vs Godaddy Email Marketing

With Wix, you can use G Suite to create your own email account that is specific to your domain. It also has marketing tools that can be integrated into apps like Wix ShoutOut now Wix Ascend. This makes creating, sending, and sharing email marketing campaigns with your users a breeze.

GoDaddy's email features are fully integrated.It also has its own email marketing service, but you'll have to pay extra for that on top of the monthly bill. 

Our Final Finding on Wix Email Marketing

Wix Ascend performed poorly as a stand-alone service, but we see the value in using it in combination with an existing Wix website.

It's fairly priced and easy to use, so it may be useful for very basic email campaigns, but anything more extensive would require you to look elsewhere.



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